Online Marketing Management

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Online Marketing Management

Monster Link Marketing helps Businesses Advertise Online

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Our servers are backed up daily, our security protocols are top-notch, and we have a team of knowledgeable WordPress experts standing by to provide support when you need it.

Online Marketing Management

Managing your online advertising can be confusing and costly. Most business owners do not have the time to manage social media or keep up with the confusing metrics of a complicated google ad buy much less the time to design ads that will convert. The professionals at Monster Link Marketing have hundreds of hours of experience in managing business online marketing in an efficient manner. We bring value to businesses by cutting cost (middle men) and reducing waste. Our expertise in the field helps us create custom solutions that will help get your message out in a timely manner.

How We Help Your Business

Competitor Analysis

Analytics are distilled to only display bottom line performance factors to owners. Dip in to the endless possibilities of advertising online and capitalize on a fast growing technology that is helping businesses grow and become more profitable. Connect with your audiences in ways that have never been possible to businesses until now. Monster Link Marketing is a premier SEO Company El Paso that helps businesses use the leverage of the internet to reach and connect with customers.

Facebook Ads

Setting up, Optimizing/ Targeting and Managing Facebook Likes, Boost your post, promote your page, send people to your website, increase conversions on your website, raise attendance at your event, get video views, get people to claim your offer.

Google Ad Words

Setting up, Optimizing/ Targeting and Managing Google ads (Search, Display, Shopping and Remarketing , Youtube Video Ads Display Ads, Overlay, Skippable and Non Skippable ads.

Search Engine Advertising

Setting up, Optimizing/ Targeting and Managing smart search ads to help increase lead generation.

Ad Analytics

Manage Clicks, Impressions,CTR, Average Cost Per Click, and Demographics.

Course Correction

Make necessary changes to poor performing ads and learn customer behavior.

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