How to Gain Traction Online By Increasing Online Referrals

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Some of the most powerful, influential, and well-known social networks continue to transform the way companies conduct business online. The power of the referral between individuals is one which helps businesses promote themselves in a way which has the potential to be both cost effective and profitable.

The right marketing company should have a goal to interact with while engaging their brand advocates.  Those very advocates are comprised of customers, employees, manufacturers, and advisors.  This 360 degree circle plays a vital role in creating the right opportunities for effectively marketing your business.

The power of the online referral promotes a mutual interest between various connections which should result in increased sales and repeat business. With no overhead cost, the result is frequently a measurable upward spike in revenues to the business.  The business professional understands the benefit and logic behind the development of a referral base and its role as a powerful marketing tool as a means of achieving financial expectations and brand recognition.

When developing a referral program, the approach is most effective when it is comprehensive in nature.  Employing the right marketing company is essential when managing both the simple and complex considerations into account by stressing the following points which have a direct impact on how a referral marketing campaign is received by both internal and external customers who close the loop of your company’s 360 degree circle.  Consider these ten factors:

Number 1:

As a business owner with an online presence and a mission to increase the value of referral based connections, it is essential to provide your client base with information they are interested in receiving.  Prevent spamming the connections on your social network with unwanted communications which can cloud the message you want to convey.

Number 2:

Understand the importance of etiquette and the power of forming a personal connection with your customers.  Simple manners and consideration show your clients you care about them and clients are typically more open to working with those they like and respect.

Number 3:

A modern and consistently streamlined website are important to attracting the type of customers your company is interested in working with.  Focus on maintaining an up-to-date and actively engaging social media and website presence.  Work to develop content which is both compelling and engaging.

Number 4:

Adopt a simple yet important philosophy: FOLLOW THROUGH IS CRITICAL.  When promises are made, those promises must be kept.  Reputation is built on delivering results in a consistent and professional manner to both create and enhance a positive and solid online reputation.

Number 5:

Customers will typically not respond favorably to a negative online marketing campaign where one company works to degrade the reputation of a competitor.  By embracing a professional demeanor, clients benefit from a focus designed to highlight the core competencies, or those things which the company does best for its’ clients.

Number 6:

Help your customers understand what they need most from an effective online marketing campaign before they do.  With pre-emptive marketing, the ability to develop and execute a professional relationship is greatly enhanced.  By identifying like-minded business professionals who will benefit from an online presence, and communicating this need in an effective manner, connections are more readily formed and in place when your services are actually required.
Number 7:

Objectives can be difficult to achieve without the buy-in from those on the team.  When competing interests are a force against achieving the goals and objectives of the business, this lack of progression can produce a sort of negative inertia which is counterproductive to the results the business hopes to achieve.

Number 8:

It’s true, mistakes do happen.  How those mistakes are resolved is of vital importance to maintaining the type of reputation your company holds.  By admitting mistakes which occur in the course of conducting business, customers maintain a sense of trust for those who are part of the overall team effort, resulting in the development of a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Number 9:

The concept and application of strategic management is essential to the longevity and success of your business.  As a business owner, it is more cost effective and wise to embrace a proactive mentality versus a reactive position.

Number 10:

With the right company ideology, employees are motivated to achieving the goals of the business.  By embracing the mentality that “We can achieve more together” your team is better positioned to transform company aspirations into real results which positively impact the bottom line.

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