Use These Tools to Simplify the Complexities of an Online Marketing Campaign

  • November 24, 2014
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Internet marketing is difficult, especially in the hands of the ineffective or novice marketing professional. Today however, the internet contains a variety of productivity tools which solely exist to simplify the complexities of managing an online marketing campaign.

In this article, we discuss three online tools designed to perform a wide variety of functions based on the specific needs of your business. In addition to online marketing and SEO functions designed to keep your company in-the-know and relevant where it counts most, online. The number of features a marketer has the ability to access on the web are numerous, and current statistics illustrate the power of the search engine, and its increasingly important role in connecting customers to the products and services they need.

#1. ( provides a variety of features its’ clients have the option to access.  From lead generation and market analysis to sales intelligence and e-commerce trend analysis, this software provides insights into consumer behaviors, identifies key segment opportunities, and provides the necessary data and market intelligence to help companies gain the competitive edge they seek most.

Of course, not every online marketer will have a need to utilize every feature or identify every trend, but with this software, it’s beneficial to know such tools exist. will help you learn your prospects platform before you ever speak to them. Additionally, this user friendly tool can help improve your conversions with validated market adoption and with the ability to create keyword lists which are most pertinent to your company’s business type.

I personally love this tool for competitor analysis and also to see the various platforms which businesses utilize to build their websites. I have found value in bookmarking my favorite online tools and quickly recalling this information in a business meeting when time is of the essence, providing me a competitive edge when meeting with potential clients.  As a business owner and online marketer I can easily say this online tool is one of my TOP 5 picks. By creating an account, easily tap into pertinent historical data. Find new prospects by simply entering the platforms you most often utilize, or enter Magento and quickly view a list of all companies who utilize the same platform. This is a powerful tool for any web developer and I highly recommend at least giving it a try. ENJOY!

#2. ( allows you to manage your online listing with one click. It is a great website for any business, big or small. Check online listings with different directories and verify information inconsistencies.  Save time by allowing the local function of Moz to list your business information correctly the first time.  This is a great tool for the local business owner, and personally, a tool I continue to utilize frequently as a business owner myself.

Another great function of this program provides the ability to expand your online reach.  Setting up multiple businesses and having them listed across multiple online directories can be both complicated and time consuming. With Moz, not only verify the directories you’ve created, but also list your company’s online information across multiple directories in simultaneous fashion.  SEO is built on keywords, consistency, and clarity.  Inconsistent information causes confusion for any search engine, which makes these factors vitally important in ensuring accuracy and relevancy to ensure optimization is most effective.

#3. ( provides your marketers with an in-depth analysis of most websites. Receive a 14-day unlimited free trial for either the Premium or Pro Plans and take this software for a test drive.  Following the free trial, there is a monthly subscriber charge based on your plan needs.  I personally use this productivity tool to obtain valuable insights of perspective clients and their online needs.  When performing a website review, Woorank uses 70 criterion associated with a detailed analysis.  Another benefit of this software allows you to scan your website and identify issues which require the most improvement. Incorporating this productivity software into your toolbox will simplify your quest for knowledge and maximize the quality of your company’s webpage.  Valuable metrics are prioritized in order of importance, and provide a comprehensive overview of the most important considerations any business owner will find value in understanding.  With an easy-to-read layout, colorful symbols, and a rating scale which assists any marketer to quickly assess the quality of the webpage as a whole, will benefit your company from the start.  This is a great tool for beginning and expert marketers alike.  Make adjustments to improve your website and track your ranking on the path to a quality website your customers will want to use time and again.

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