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Monster Link provides a wide range of Media Services for personal and business from Video Services and Motion Graphics to Event Photography and Audio Services.  


Monster Link Media Is Your One Stop Media Solution.  Get Professional Services With Great Customer Service.


Media Services by Monster Link

Monster Link Media is an El Paso based creative firm providing both creative and imaginative Media Services. Our production team has over 15 years’ experience producing television commercials, infomercials, corporate videos, training films, website videos, event videos, voice-over, product solicitation videos, corporate documentaries, and more.  Our organizational talents are many, which is a nice compliment to the experience we implement into our dynamic suite of multimedia services. 

In addition to a solid film and video pre-production team, we offer a wide range of post-production services and media services.  We can provide your business the professional visual edge which comes with the creation of a custom logo or motion graphics and/or animation videos to promote your product/service on a customized website. Our team of creative professionals are constantly integrating updated techniques and innovating new ways to capture an audience.

Monster Link Marketing is dedicated to providing your business with high quality services designed to help facilitate your business success. At Monster Link, we believe graphic visuals are one of the most effective methods at play today, which assist in telling a story with the goal of forming a stimulating mental connection with your customers.  Our collection of high quality visuals are designed to showcase your product, inform customers of the most current updates, serve to entertain, and connect with your customers through the use of humor to continually keep customers engaged with your brand. 

Marketing should include moving visuals to leave a lasting mental impression with your customers, and Monster Link is proud to have a level of expertise in the video production sector equipped to make truly great things happen with a commercial video campaign.  Our video staff possess more than 20 years of experience, and a technical vault of the most applicable education equipped to handle nearly any size video project your company wants to complete. Monster Link provides the necessary guidance to each step in the concept process.  From building storyline concepts, to script writing, pre-production, videography, to editing, voice-over, and final project review, implement a comprehensive process to ensure every step in the process is addressed.  Allow Monster Link to serve as a partner who can transform your vision into reality.  Our team of professionals have organized the process to ensure a quick and smooth project flow from start-to-finish.


Concept Creation

Script Writing

Story Boarding

Documentary Production

TV Commercials Production

Brand Recognition Videos

Audio Production Services

Promotional Photography

Corporate Event Videos

Product Launch Videos

Training Videos

Event Videos

Monster Link not only provides services designed to get your business noticed, it does so with more affordably, enhanced and personalized customer service, and within even the most limited budget, ALL  without sacrificing the quality you expect from the most expensive and industry recognized multimedia firms operating today.  

For more information on exactly how Monster Link will serve the media needs of your business, contact us today for a free estimate and a conversation which allows Monster Link to demonstrate exactly what sets us apart from the competition. 

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