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Local and remote IT services now available

Monster Link Marketing’s success is built on custom solutions, our team of IT Experts are here to help you with any IT related issues you may have.

Specialized Email Services

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At Monster Link Marketing, we take your business to the next level. With decades of in house experience, we pride ourselves on being your local choice in the desert Southwest and across the U.S. for IT Solutions! We are now offering a full suite of IT Services in El Paso to compliment or expand your digital needs. Whether you require brand new email services and connectivity, or would like to build on your existing software; we’ve got you covered.

New IT Service and Delivery

In this digital age of information technology, and in light of the Covid19 global pandemic; we at Monster Link are dedicated to your digital needs. We will always offer you the correct technology to meet your needs and do so in the most cost effective way possible.

Since most homes and businesses rely on technology for day to day business, “homeschooling activities” and correspondence with family and friends; everyone needs a reliable system they can count on.

We can set up you with the following services:

Small Business Set Up and Website Domain Acquisition

Small businesses are the heart and soul of the American economy. We understand that at Monster LInk, since we too are a small business. Growing exponentially over the past 6 years, we have learned a lot from our clients and families. When we put together a plan, it is not “one size fits all”; it is personal and unique to each family or business owner. We will develop a customized package of services that will allow you to save resources, reduce costs, and provide you with the most up to date secure services in the industry.

We will help you set up the following IT services:
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IT Management and Monthly Services

Many homes and businesses are now using Office 365 or other IT platforms for their homes or businesses. Our professional IT team will assist you navigating the in’s and out’s of all your IT systems. We specialize in Office 365 and can also assist you with solutions for Cloud Storage and Document Management. In addition we can setup and manage your video conferencing accounts and provide professional a/v support and recommendations.

Security and Malware Services and Solutions

During the Covid19 Pandemic, the U.S. Intelligence Agency has seen an increase in online scams jump 500%. We take these cyber threats seriously, which is why we want to offer all our clients the very best in virus and malware technology solutions. We will work within your budget to provide an IT solution that meets your needs. These levels of services include helping with password management and protections.

Your Trusted Business Partner

At Monster Link Marketing IT Solutions, we have earned the distinction of being a Trusted Local Business Partner and offer our clients professional managed IT services. This means that if you allow Monster Link to service your home or business, you will have the peace of mind that you are working with a Trusted Local Business Partner. We will work through any minute details to perfect your system and provide you with the “Gold standard,” most cost effective professional IT Services in the region. This includes assisting and managing the cloud based IT solutions to keep your home and business safe and running efficiently.